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The Basics

  • The Shaving Tools

      Many of us have problems when it comes to shaving. Do you know why? Because we have bee...
    2012-09-17 17:46:00
  • Take What's Yours

      When Derek Jeter steps up to the plate, he has it.  When Barack Obama clears his t...
    2012-08-15 20:32:00
  • Stand and Deliver

      One of the most commonly neglected elements of any shaver’s arsenal is the stand....
    2012-08-13 20:19:00
  • History of Shaving Cream

       Shaving cream is one of those things you always think of just being there, like t...
    2012-08-01 18:44:00
  • Holding the Line

      We here at êShave are all about the clean shaved look.  We know the ladies g...
    2012-07-27 20:02:00
  • Cutting Through the Confusion

      As you delve deeper into the world of wet shaving, the mysterious fauna—badgers, ...
    2012-07-04 20:45:00
  • Are Five Blades Really Better than One?

      In recent years,  comedy writers and ornery belligerents have united in their dist...
    2012-06-29 19:26:00
  • What’s the Brush Got to Do, Got to Do with It ?

      I have often wondered how the first man decided to use badger fur for shaving.  Wh...
    2012-06-27 19:22:00
  • Best Types of a Badger Hair for Your Shave Brush

      Maybe dad didn’t tell you this, but one of the most important steps in shaving is...
    2012-06-02 19:49:00
  • S(h)aving face

      Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. If don’t correctly, you may even enjoy ...
    2012-05-25 19:53:00


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  • eShave, The Experts in Men's Shaving, was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as the premier manufacturer of Men's Shaving Supplies. We've grown our brand and our website to include everything you need for a close and comfortable shave. We are proud to offer the finest shaving products including shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving oil, after shave balm, after shave lotion, artistically designed badger shaving brush and luxury razors.

  • eShave promotes the art of classic shaving and is your "how to shave" headquarters with shaving tips & advice. We are much more than just a shaving store. We are committed to you through continuous customer feedback, product improvements and unparalleled customer service. You can count on eShave for all your men's shaving needs! Put us to the test and experience what perfect shave feels like.