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  • In May 1996, I founded eShave with the goal to reintroduce the sophisticated, modern man to high-quality shaving products and accessories. The wet shave concept needed a revival, having almost disappeared in the mid 70s. And I recognized an opportunity to pioneer an entirely new industry, one which would reinvent and modernize classic traditions for an untapped audience.

    With only $8,000 to start and my living room for an office, I set out to create eShave, a company committed to changing men’s lives by improving their appearance, confidence, and well-being, based on a simple premise: when people look good, they feel good.

    Today, eShave is available in over 22 countries worldwide in the most select stores, making regular appearances on the pages of men’s magazines, winning grooming awards year after year, and quickly becoming a staple product in men’s everyday shaving routine and skin regiment.

    My vision: “One day, using a shaving brush will be as common as using a toothbrush is today.”

    I may not live to see my dream become a reality, but in only sixteen years, such tremendous changes have taken place that I have great faith in the years to come. Though our scents and designs may change, our fundamental philosophy remains the same as it was more than a decade ago: make a difference in our customers’ lives everyday!

    I could not have done it without my team!

    Danielle Malka